We are honoured to work with global alcohol distillers William Grant & Sons Ltd across a number of their brands including Monkey Shoulder whisky.

We're currently their preferred digital partner for six of their brand sites, and have worked with the business for 10 years. For Monkey Shoulder, this will be the third iteration of the website that we've done together.

Monkey Shoulder's global website is all about leveraging brand personality through playful design and content, designed to invite new drinkers to try the brand and in turn, encourage them to recommend it to friends and family.

As their web development agency, we were tasked with carrying out the UX and development phases of the project, working in partnership with their creative agency (who added the design layer), as well as taking responsiblity for tracking implementation.

You can take a look at the new global website here (over 18s only).

Monkey Shoulder new site launch image

As we launch this new look website, be aware that this is just phase one of an ongoing project to elevate the global brand website and transform it into a rich content hub, showcasing the best content and activations from around the world. In leading this project, we have been responsible for the discovery phase and mapping out of the roadmap into various phases over 2021 and beyond. It's an exciting time for the brand!

Like with many of their brands, William Grant & Sons website objectives are centred on clear activation and purpose. It is to support the brand team in their sales & marketing targets and to grow into developing territories, reaching more and more consumers in what is a very competitive market place.

Monkey Shoulder's global site visitors will continue to be encouraged to click off onto the brand's local market websites, to further engage with the brand on a local level, encouraging them to convert into a purchase, a sign up or an event RSVP. There are in fact seven additional local market websites due to be released in 2021, enabling Monkey Shoulder to serve consumers at a truly local level.

Through a revised data strategy, the website will be constantly tested, analysed and refined for future improvements as well as be tied to an exciting omni-channel marketing strategy, with global and local websites acting as the digital brand home.

“Wow wow wow!!! AMAZING! Thanks so much to the whole team, you guys have done an incredible job and have been so agile and flexible along the way! I know the work doesn’t stop here, but the frantic rush does for now.”

Ester Broome

Global Marketing Manager - Monkey Shoulder, William Grant & Sons Brands Ltd.

We look forward to our continued work with the Monkey Shoulder team, kicking off phase 2 imminently and supporting them with their digital vision going forward. But first, we'll be having a few Monkey Shoulder's to toast this relaunch! Cheers.


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