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Adido At Vac 2019

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The Adido team were in attendance at VAC 2019, making it a hat-trick of appearances at one of our favourite events of the year. 

This year, our CEO, Andy Headington delivered one of VAC's invaluable seminars to a packed crowd alongside Jules Ozbek, head of marketing at Continuum Attractions. The topic? Marketing with 2020 vision. 

We were delighted to see Andy receive praise for his talk on social media, some of which you can check out below. 

vac 2019 praisevac 2019 praisevac praise

vac praise

Within the seminar, Andy discussed several typical attraction marketing challenges, including: 

For anyone who couldn't make it to VAC this year or is interested to see what Andy had to say within his seminar, you can check out his hugely informative slides for the event below.


 You can find out more about what we learnt at the VAC 2019 conference by reading our roundup of the event via the link below 

Highlights From VAC 2019

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