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5 Must Read Blogs from 2016

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#5: organic search: the past, the present and the future>

Organic search has changed dramatically over the last decade and it doesn't look like the evolution will be slowing any time soon. Experts in the search industry feel that getting good visibility online is becoming increasingly more difficult, due to frequent changes and growing competition. Not to worry however; the future is still bright


#4: Lead Nurturing through email marketing > 

In an ideal world leads would immediately convert and become a loyal customer. We can dream, but this isn't the case. It's crucial that we develop relationships with prospects so when they are ready to buy you're the one they go to. It may take a while but it's worth it. Find out how to nurture relationships as part of a long term nurturing strategy


 #3: Once upon a time: the review >

Four stories, two old chairs and one quirky theatre captivated my attention for four hours on a Tuesday afternoon.  Once Upon a Time brought four brands together to hear of their successes and techniques. Speakers included Ernest Capbert, Co-Founder of Who Buys Your Stuff, Damien Lee, Founder of Mr. Lee's Noodles, Mark Walker, UK Head of Content Marketing for Eventbrite and Mark Cribb, Founder of Urban Guild.


#2: Why Google's latest change is the biggest in a decade >

2016 was the year that Google really shook things up, with the removal of 10 paid ads in the SERPS, reducing them to a maximum of four. This change was met with much elation from Paid media experts, and some trepidation from Organic experts as organic listings can now be found below the fold. Is this the final nail in the coffin for SEO? No. Not even close



Facebook also made some significant changes to their business offering last year, mainly being their new brand pages. This style differentiated pages from user profiles and gave more opportunity to shout about your business, with Instagram integration as well as more visibility of custom APIs, larger profile picture and cover photo and shopping section. Find out if your brand is fully utilising Facebook here


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