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25 Top Examples for a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be a nightmare especially when you don’t know where to reach your target audience. So, what are the best ways to get noticed as a business among your markets? What platforms are the best to target on? And how exactly do you use social media marketing to promote your business?

Recent studies show that on average a person spends 5 years + 4 months on social media in their lifetime. Which is the same amount of time it would take to watch every episode of Friends back to back 549 times (236 episodes)! This tells us how tricky it is getting to successfully target your audience on social media. Especially with the shelf life of an average post getting shorter and shorter.

Let's break the social platforms down, each have their own positives with very different audiences so you need to adapt your content accordingly.  Whatever you do, never post the exact same content across all platforms, your audience notices and it's just brand lazy.



As of 2017, Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users making it one of the most well known social media platforms.

Often Facebook could be a good starting point for companies’ social media marketing strategy, especially for B2C businesses, due to the extensity of the targeting options (making it easier than ever to reach your audience)and a user-friendly advertising interface.

Facebook favours family and friends’ content above all brand posts unless you pay.  Organic is very slow moving and in many cases not worth doing in isolation.

Tips we’ve found for Facebook marketing:


There are three ways to target your audience through Facebook advertising.

Firstly, core audiences where you select your audience manually through their characteristics such as age & location.

Secondly, custom audiences help you target your existing customers and the people that are already connected to you on Facebook (remarketing). This audience targeting option is great for building a relationship with your customers and driving sales. You can base this off of loyal customers, site visitors, and mobile users. Through remarketing on Facebook you’re likely to get 3x the engagement than your other ads.

Finally you can target people based on a ‘Lookalike audience’ where you take customer information and target people similar.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where although often used for finding a new job and recruiting, its main purpose is staying connected with past colleagues, potential clients and expanding your professional network. With 332 million members and 2 new members joining every second this is a platform that you need to have a strong presence on.

LinkedIn is a good way to build relationships and shouldn’t - as with most things, be used as a platform to sell your products on as a first interaction. Share things that work for your business and provide value.

Tips we’ve found for LinkedIn marketing;

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, you may be interested to hear that LinkedIn has recently flagged a set of upcoming tests and changes aimed at improving the offering, but this may also impact your performance data.


Twitter is known as a micro blogging site where you can send out your opinion on a particular topic summed up in 280 characters. With around 330 million active users Twitter can be useful for handling customer service within a business.

Twitter allows a business to receive questions and feedback from their customers and also make announcements of exciting updates within the business - and of course share your content! While Twitter can be a useful platform for marketing it’s also incredibly fast paced - the shelf life of a Twitter post is 4 times shorter than a Facebook post, which certainly makes it a challenge to get your posts to stick in someone’s head.

Tips we’ve found for Twitter marketing:



In my opinion, Instagram is the best social networking platform for sharing visual content. This was always its intended purpose, but that being said brands don’t always follow the rules…since it is images as opposed to words, people often don’t even notice text accompaniments and definitely don’t expect too many text-based images to be included.

With over 800 million users, Instagram can be a good place to get your company brand established in your audience.

If your business is B2C based (e.g. travel, fashion or art) Instagram is the place to be, connecting with like minded accounts and getting volume to your account through the use of hashtags and also product tagging within images (Instagram ‘Shopping’).

Tips we’ve found for Instagram marketing:

All of the social media platforms featured have unique things about them, from different types of content to different ways to target your audience, different expectations and different ways of communicatingon each. This means that you can open yourself up to use several social media platforms and get better visibility. Paid advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be affordable and effective which leads to your business getting recognised and possibly generate some direct transactions or leads.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you’re walking away from this blog post knowing a little bit more about social media marketing.



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