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McDonalds use Instagram beautifully. Avoiding the trend of static food pictures they bring their brand to life through vibrant colours and quirky compositions. McDonalds constantly fight to avoid the image of unhealthy, cheap fast food and this image representation goes a long way to remove them from promoting these perceptions.

The early posts from 2013 show a more traditional stylised set of images but 2015 sees McDonalds really understanding Instagram and they portray real, bright creativity.

Jack Daniels US

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Jack Daniels stamp their brand all over Instagram, the pictures are stylised and designed using a mixture of typography and lifestyle pictures that match their brand essence. The posts are unified so when they appear in your feed you know it’s one of their images! They use a mixture of static and moving images and cross promote their brand alongside music and events with a real American feel to make the content more relevant to their audience.


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An imaginative collection of compositions showing Oreo to be a brand full of creativity that revolves around a simple product.

As with McDonalds they have gone through changes in their Instagram image and seem to have settled on a consistent colour pallet and theme of putting their product into situations to create a visual statement and story that will connect and engage with their audience.

Their posts aren’t lazy and show a great understanding of their audience of Instagram.

PG Tips

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PG Tips have found their fun place with the use of their iconic monkey within the Instagram environment. With posts all using similar filters the overall image looks consistent and almost all of their posts have the monkey in them. The monkey is used as the face of PG Tips and placed in amusing settings and scenarios to engage with their followers

Dorset Tea

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Dorset Tea have a strong theme for their Instagram presence, it’s all about Dorset! They mix beautiful landscapes with quintessential settings interspersed with their products.

The use of colour and the filters is consistent and aligned with their brand image that introduces the lifestyle aspect of Dorset effectively unifies their online and offline presence together.

Grey Goose

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Grey Goose vodka have an excellent branded Instagram; everything in recent posts are consistent in terms of styling and colour; you can’t miss the blue tones within the image. Not only is their style of filters consistent but they have branded almost every image either with their product in shot or by cleverly adding a logo or branded type.

Grey Goose escaped from their early posts of cocktail shots to elevate their relevance and interest by using messaging that’s both clean and simple and gives off an aura of exclusivity.


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Coca-Cola have an essence of happiness and their Instagram is no exception. All images are bright and vibrant and if people are included in shots they are in happy situations and are shown smiling. The Coca-Cola red is prominent throughout the whole set of images and if products are used they are predominantly placed in a composition around the theme of happiness.


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Heineken have an eclectic style for their Instagram but mainly because they have been clever… it is all campaign based. The have used formative posts around the theme of “heading out with” to promote places and people and put themselves into a “cooler” position.

Their recent posts are a series of illustrative motion that connects with other campaigns to link users across different social platforms.


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Innocent have a strong brand in place and have used Instagram to bring a real human touch to their personality. The images aren’t overly stylised, they feel like you are following a friend with cute notes and animal images and people in selfie type poses. This makes it easy for the audience to connect with this much loved brand as you don’t feel like you are being subliminally sold to.

Ben & Jerrys

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Ben & Jerrys are renowned for being a fun brand and their Instagram feed is jam packed with product placement. They aren’t trying to be clever with different themes, they sell themselves in basic form as what you see is what you eat, and these posts average at around 20k likes.

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