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There are over 3.5 billion searches done on Google per day, and if you're like most businesses, you rely on consumers searching for your product or service to generate sales, leads or enquiries. That's why we made search marketing our number 1 discipline.


Search is the lifeblood of many businesses, and yet it can be very hard to achieve search dominance. Fortunately we have a team of very skilled experts across both paid and organic search marketing who have delighted clients with their performance and won an award or two along the way.

Search Marketing Clients

We thrive when acting as an extension to marketing teams, providing clear strategies, actionable insight and results-driven search campaigns


Keyword coverage, impression share and ad position are your allies when maximising search visibility. Our PPC specialists are masters of maximising the relationship between them, getting the best search presence for brands and outsmarting the competition.

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It’s not all about being number one in search results, it’s about being #1 for the RIGHT PHRASES. Our approach to keyword analysis, content segmentation and competitor benchmarking will ensure you get the right kind of visibility; the kind that delivers results.



Our clients love us and so do the judges...

Incy wincy Gutter Supplies climbed up the Google-spout, with an integrated strategy that washed the competitors out

Professional Building Supplies Group (PBSL) is a privately-owned supplier of plastic guttering, drainage and cladding products, focusing on top quality products and excellent customer service. The group owns three specialist websites (Gutter Supplies, Drainage Sales, PVC Cladding) and one generalist (Professional Building Supplies).

The business objective was to become the digital leader in plastics building supplies. the client was also looking for a strategic partner to assist on the path for business growth, therefore the pressure was high for us to deliver tangible results quickly to warrant additional investment.

In order to achieve the client’s ambitious objectives, we proposed a four-part strategy focused on prioritising budget and time to the most profitable activities, auditing the existing situation, rebuilding strong foundations and exploring growth opportunities.

 Search was identified as the core area of focus for the year, with PPC as the quick gains channel and SEO as the longer-term investment to ensure strong site visibility and digital leadership; the latter part of the year allowed for tests into social as a support for SEO, email and display.



All the Fun of the Fair - Festival CSR for Event Organisers

Event Insurance Services (EIS) provide insurance cover for a multitude of purposes. Adido’s mission was to approach their digital marketing from a new perspective: to add creativity and interest to an industry that can often be regarded as dull and unengaging.

EIS has a wide variety of audiences to appeal to as they cover such a vast spectrum of events. With that in mind, we decided to target one audience in particular through our organic strategy - the ‘Festivals and Show Organisers’. A number of customer centric content assets were created to support visibility of Festival Insurance and EIS as a brand, including: whitepaper, infographic, factsheets. On-page copy was analysed and reviewed to support activity and new pages were created on-site as part of a focussed effort to increase rankings and authority. Blog activity and case study creation was used to support activity, whilst all assets were promoted across the web through an outreach strategy. 

All the KPIs were achieved and surpassed. Organic search saw a huge rise in rankings. Buzz was also created by securing a number of external placements.

Educating the Educators - Parental Engagement Ebook

Groupcall is a London-based technology company, providing trusted communication, data and identity management solutions for the education, public and business sectors.

 A survey conducted by Groupcall found that 60% of teachers don’t believe parental engagement works, yet existing academic research shows a clear correlation between parental engagement and children achieving their potential. Teachers who found their parental engagement strategy to be a success found that it reduced workload too – a topical issue for teachers in 2017.

Groupcall challenged Adido to help them increase awareness of the burdens teachers experience, whilst promoting Groupcall’s relevant services to help improve teacher efficiency, and whilst satisfying expectations coming from survey insight.

Adido’s copywriters, strategists and search team created a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the benefits of effective parental engagement strategies in schools.

The eBook, along with the resulting blogs, social posts and emails, fulfilled its role as a breakthrough piece of insight for teachers to help them do their jobs better, and a reason for Groupcall to maintain relationships with potential customers.




We've been really impressed with the way the team has taken on our account, got to grips with it, restructured and at the same time managed the day to day updates. We now get a level of detail we've not previously had and it's a very encouraging start!

Gemma Bell, Senior Marketing Manager, Ordnance Survey - Consumer



Having extensively researched and implemented many PPC management techniques over the years we felt that the three life stages of a PPC account: new, growing and mature, provided a great concept from which to focus attention, effort and reward for anyone managing a PPC account.



SEO is a valuable service but communicating its value is not always done well, especially when it is so often compared to its sister strategy, PPC, which has such fast and easily measurable results. But SEO carries just as much, if not more value in the long term and can continue generating revenue and brand awareness for your business long into the future.


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