What is the difference between client service and client success? Aren't they the same thing and is the end goal not the same?

Well they are somewhat open to interpretation, different agencies will have different definitions and ways to deliver client service and success.

At Adido we aim to deliver the best possible service to enable client success.

Client service

What is client service? Client service is all about building relationships with... clients.

A constant communication, a relationship approach that aims to build rapport and trust between both parties, becoming an extension of your team. It’s building a relationship that will encompass commercial awareness of the clients needs, billing, invoicing, managing projects and campaigns both effectively and efficiently.

It includes receiving and writing briefs, forecasting and presenting ideas consistently. It’s delivering results, hopefully good news and positive results more often than not, however being candid, honest and upfront when the results aren’t quite so positive.

In a very basic view of client service, the agency would be delivering something to you, the client, helping to achieve the overarching goal, or solving an issue you might be experiencing. This might be done over a period of time and involve different members of the agency.

In its most rudimentary form you might think client service is; a task needing to be completed within a deadline. The task gets delivered and that’s that. The client has been serviced.

At Adido we take a slightly different approach. We're committed to inspiring commercially-focused companies to evolve their digital experiences, and to achieve more from their marketing spend.

By combining skills across design, development, digital marketing and analytics our team offers a proactive, progressive and unified approach to delivering effective digital solutions.

We believe it takes four key traits to make the above happen. We live and breathe these values and behaviours, delivering effective digital marketing campaigns time after time.

Welcome to Adido's Four Cs.

  • Commercial
  • Curious
  • Candid
  • Care

We will touch on these and Adido’s approach in more detail a little later, but first, what is client success?

Client Success

Client success is also something not easily defined... to describe it in a nutshell, client success is a way of working, a way of delivering a holistic and proactive approach to building and maintaining relationships with you, the client.

This would include delivering on the key goals and KPIs but expand further, into understanding your goals & the best way to deliver them, by knowing your business inside and out. Instead of just aiming for the target or providing a “service”.

The best of both worlds

So client service and client success both aim to deliver the end result, but client success is certainly more of an initiative, a proactive way of delivering results. This needs to be implemented company-wide, by adhering to a set of core values as mentioned earlier.

At Adido we have defined our values as: Commercial, Curious, Candid & Care. We apply these to every project and every client we work with.


As you would expect many clients have a commercial focus or goal and we thrive on working with those that do. By focusing on where efficiencies can be gained, ensuring recommendations and actions can deliver a positive ROI and are worth doing, and ensuring a complete understanding of the commercial business goal, we can deliver profitable growth across our marketing campaigns and web projects.


We ask lots of questions, again this is integral to deliver success. Why? How? What do you think?

Curiosity allows us to get under the skin of company performance and challenges, we like to live and breathe your business, as ultimately success for a client is success for us.


We will challenge our clients in an honest and frank way. If we don’t believe something will deliver the results we will tell you this. If something doesn't work as we anticipated we will own up (luckily this doesn’t happen often).

We want to be an extension to your team and by acting in this way it allows us to deliver success and share in these victories together.


As highlighted, we want to see ourselves as a part of your team, by having this ingrained in the way we work, naturally leads us to care emphatically about our work and our clients. We want to deliver on projects as if the businesses were our own.

By using these four values in all the work we do, with Adido you won’t just get a service or success approach but both! We're committed to inspiring companies, evolving their digital experiences and advancing performance. We look for the ‘why’ and establish the ‘so what’ when assessing performance, and it is these candid questions which show that we care about everything we do. These form the foundation of client relationships and success. We take it personally, we’re obsessive, we focus on meaningful commercial metrics and are not side-tracked by vanity KPIs.

This ensures our digital platforms and digital marketing campaigns achieve success. Lastly we are always here, whether it’s a phone call, an email or a (virtual) meeting, also happy to discuss all things digital and with over two decades of delivering work this way, we think it’s a winning formula.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, simply get in touch today to see how we can help.

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