Adido kicks off 2023 with a bang and a new partnership, with Kudos. Managing their organic requirements as they look to grow their own sector kudos!

Kudos ( helps the global research community showcase their ideas and discoveries to diverse and influential audiences in academia, government, industry, education and the media. They are the only online platform dedicated to bridging the critical gap between research producers and users.

Founded in 2012 Kudos has made it their mission to showcase science, so that more people can find, understand and use it.

Kudos came to Adido looking for help with spreading this trusted information further. Adido’s aim will be to grow subscriber numbers and organic traffic, ensuring users are reading relevant articles.

The organic management will comprise of key pillars of SEO, divided into technical SEO, keyword research and content, aiming to assist Kudos as they navigate through phased migrations of the website, scheduled to be released throughout the first quarter of 2023.

The aim of the technical implementation is to improve crawlability, indexability, taxonomy and page speed for this vast website. Once that is complete, keyword research will be undertaken to understand the gaps and opportunities in which Kudos can increase their traffic levels.

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Keyword research will be undertaken on a project or subject level, providing a holistic view of key areas such as AI, climate change, life sciences and medical research.

From here, content becomes king, making sure all new content ticks all the boxes, especially providing all important E-A-T signals (expertise, authority, trustworthiness), as this will be a key component due to the nature of the content houses.

There is no misinformation here, thank you very much!

We are excited to get 2023 started with this new project, and will assist Kudos in their journey to increase both visitors and authors on their vast scientific knowledge-based platform.

If you're looking for organic growth in 2023 and beyond, get in touch with our expert team!

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