Yay us! Go Adido!

Over the last month we’ve been excited to receive not one, not two, but three finalist announcements from a trio of the UK’s most prestigious awards in the marketing industry.

Firstly we were notified of our successful shortlisting for the Travolution Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year. And we can’t help feeling chuffed with the fact we’ve been put in a phenomenal line up next to a number of aspirational peers.

A great achievement not only because of the number of outstanding entries, but also because this is our first award nomination in the travel sector since launching our specialist Travel and Tourism division earlier this year.

After many years of organic growth within the industry, we have gathered expertise and knowledge in all digital areas including online booking, booking systems, marketing trends, new customer acquisition, customer retention and channel attribution. So the move to becoming a specialist felt like a natural fit and a seal of approval rather than a change of direction.

Our CEO, Andy Headington is a member of the ITT and has had nothing but positive response from the industries top travel influencers, who are constantly coming up against similar challenges that affect their ability to adopt digital marketing techniques that may be considered simple in the retail mainstream, but can often be hindered by legacy systems in the travel industry.

As an agency, we dig deeper and analyse more data to create strategies that are driven by insights with an accurately measured performance which we hope will be the award winning recipe for digital marketing.

It’s this approach to these challenges and one in particular, Hoburne Holidays that got us shortlisted for the awards. Our tenacious attitude to looking for answers of booking patterns in mountains of data, backed by our technical aptitude that enabled us to prove channel attribution to increase sales for July by 139% compared to the previous year.

Our work for Hoburne also delivered us shortlist nomination number two, as a finalist for Data Analytics & Insight for the Wirehive 100 awards 2018. The Wirehive 100 Awards showcase digital excellence and recognise the outstanding work from agencies in the southern counties based outside of London.

Unlike other agencies that work in the Travel and Tourism space, we are strictly digital. The team here is made up of marketing experts that have worked in many channels and sectors over the years, so our experience is diverse. However, as a team we come together and find ourselves concentrating purely on digital and leveraging the capabilities of the technology to find answers to marketing questions. We also boast team members who have had many years of experience in client-side travel marketing so we totally understand our clients requirements.

Finally, we are equally proud of our third finalist nomination so far this year. We are delighted to have been shortlisted by the UK Agency Awards for Best Event for our Attention! Digital Marketing Summit which we held in June.

Throughout the year we run a number of free events including workshops, debates and private invitational dinners. Our biggest event every year is our annual Digital Marketing Summit which is the largest free digital conference on the South Coast, and this year we hosted over 200 delegates. Our primary goal for running events is not to sell, but to educate as many people as we can about the latest digital strategies that work. We make sure our guests have enough time to soak up the latest thinking, opinions and ideas from our industry experts and carefully chosen guest speakers.

Now in its sixth year, the event has grown annually and is highly respected in the local community and beyond. Topics are varied and relevant to key decision makers within the digital industry. Speakers are well regarded and respected within their industries - as well as informative, relevant and interesting.

Attention! Digital Marketing Summit actively supports promoting Bournemouth and Poole as an important digital hub, with talent on offer that easily rivals London. The event attracts attendees from all over the country offering a superb 5-star venue and credible speakers. It creates a real buzz about the area and encourages people to do business here, therefore creating new job opportunities.

We commit to hosting unmissable events which put Bournemouth on the map, and know from our experience running Attention! over the last six years that it brings significant business into the area. We’re delighted that this has been recognised by such a prestigious award nomination!

Fingers crossed for award ceremony season!

The 2018 Travolution Awards takes place on the evening of Monday 19 November at The Troxy, London. To find out who else has been successfully shortlisted visit Travolution https://travolutionawards.co.uk/travolutionawards2018/en/page/2018-shortlist.

The Wirehive 100 Awards take place on Thursday 11 October at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton. Check out the rest of their shortlist here https://100.wirehive.com/finalists

The UK Agency Awards are on Thursday 13 September at Montcalm Marble Arch in London; and you can find their complete shortlist of finalists here https://www.ukagencyawards.com/2018-Shortlist

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