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Explore. Create. Captivate.

Our mission is to get you attention!

We collaborate with forward-thinking brands to develop immersive digital experiences that engage with consumers and get results.

The Attention Agency

What is Attention?

Attention. A hard, yet crucial thing to achieve in the world we live in. In its purest sense, attention is the action of focusing on one particular idea or task over a multitude of others.

Ask yourself when was the last time you really gave your attention to something?

And, when was the last time your audience really gave their attention to your brand?

Whether it is conversations with our family or colleagues or even simply being in the present moment, our attention is becoming increasingly fragmented. For your business’s marketing to have proper impact you need someone’s full attention.

Why you need Attention

The lines between digital and the real world have all but disappeared. Modern brands are becoming defined by the experiences people have with them.

Banner blindness, adblockers and our constant multitasking means traditional advertising is no longer relevant. The battle for brands should not be for adspace; the real battle should be for our attention. Consumers are getting even more savvy when it comes to how, where and when they consume media. If you are not relevant or worthy of giving attention to, you will be ignored.

We know that standing out in an ever-increasing world of digital clutter is crucial. And we know exactly how to do it.

What this means for you

Imagine if you could harness your consumers' ability to focus on your brand, tuning out other distractions, such as your competitors. With Adido, you can. Getting, keeping and holding someone’s attention is a massive thing. There is so much choice for consumers that achieving this can have a huge impact on your business. Whether launching a new product, going into a new market or simply trying to engage with repeat visitors, having someone's attention can make or break your business.

Adido works with brands to create engaging experiences that cut through the noise, the apathy and overload to connect with your audience. By creating valuable interactions and engaging messages that truly relate to the needs and desires of your audience, we create dramatic increases in loyalty, spend and perhaps most importantly, share of thought, that delivers real return on investment.

How we get you attention







Your brand at the centre of attention








The Attention Model

People are only going to care about you if you are worth caring about. If you stand for something, care about something or have a passion then it deserves to shine.

Adido has defined The Attention Model as the proven process to get your brand the focus it requires within a world of marketing noise. Discover the three core principles to turn brand strangers into loyal brand followers.



Progress is never achieved by looking backwards or inward. For us to fully understand your potential and how it can best garner the attention of your audience, we need to take time to explore your business. We will ask, probe and challenge to find out what really makes you tick and where your best path forward lies. Through thorough research and meticulous planning, we'll develop ideas and strategies worthy of consumers' valued attention.

Explore. Research

We start by immersing ourselves in your business, gathering deep insight into your differentiating factors and your marketing messages.

We will develop a strategy that will cut through in your market and uncover key value differentiators. No fluffy stuff. Powerful, insightful and resonating ideas that will help you get through the clutter.

Explore. Plan

We then work to plan your story online in the most relevant and timely contexts to engage with your audience. Whether this is a social network, email, video or article on a third party website, we'll generate content worthy of consumers' time.



Ideas are only good when they are executed effectively. There's no value in great concepts and campaigns that never see the light of day. Once we're confident we know what you need to say, we then need to say it. With decades of experience creating digital campaigns that are worthy of attention, generate business results and win awards, our team will create and communicate your message better than anyone else.

Create. Execute

Once we have agreed on a clear and concise strategy we will then work to create assets that grab attention from your audience. Sometimes we will shock. Sometimes we will make you laugh. Sometimes we will be deeply serious. Whatever emotional triggers are pulled, we will ensure that your brand is properly represented and gets the message across in a truly impactful way.

Create. Amplify

When we have crafted powerful brand stories and digital experiences we promote them through the relevant channels. Our talented team start to connect your consumers with these engaging stories.



Having made awesome digital experiences, we work with you to produce advocacy for your brand. After all if no-one is paying attention, it's just more noise.

In our world of information overload, knowing how to break through the noise in order to captivate your audience is essential for any marketer.

Captivate. Attract

Promote your business to the right people in the right places to attract and capture your audience's attention. We will captivate your audience from what they are currently doing, from what your competitors are saying, or the other digital clutter in our lives.

Captivate. Engage

Having created and promoted your interesting, unique, memorable new digital experiences we use our expertise to engage with your audience. It's vital to be the voice your audience wants to hear. Once you've got them listening, you need to keep them listening to have an impact.

Captivate. Action

For your brand to succeed you need to convert your audience's attention by having content that audiences actually want to consume, share and participate in.

We optimise the user experience to maximise your potential to turn brand strangers into loyal brand followers.

How we get you attention

Review, learn, retain

Once we have delivered for you, we review the results against your business objectives. We take the learnings to constantly improve and iterate the process. We can never assume that your audience will automatically pay attention to any future messaging in these fast-moving times.

We work to retain attention by developing long-term relationships through compelling digital experiences, maintaining relevancy and using brand loyalty techniques; ensuring your business is always the centre of attention.

We help brands connect with audiences through succinct strategies that play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Alex Othold,
Digital Strategist

The way we work

Dedicated Attention teams work in collaboration with our clients to identify key opportunities for growth. Together we find new ways to reach current and future customers.

Attention to detail

Our team of talented creatives, developers, marketers and account managers ensure projects run on time and on budget, from the first meeting through to delivery and beyond.

Peace of mind

We always have our eyes on results; reporting and achieving tangible measurables. Our focus on being an extension of your team enables our clients to give their attention to the thing that matters the most; their business.

Adido from the start understood our digital business objectives and provided a clear and creative approach to delivering the results we desired. Throughout the process of researching, planning, designing and evolving our digital marketing strategy we felt Adido provided a first class service which was both cost effective and innovative. The results speak for themselves.

Ian Bellamy, Digital Marketing Manager, Glenigan
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The Attention Model

The Attention Model

Discover Attention: what is it and why you need it to succeed in the digital realm. Turn brand strangers into loyal brand followers and get your brand the focus it requires within a world of marketing noise.

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