Get to grips with Core Web Vitals, the newest Google algorithm update coming in Spring 2021

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We're sure you're aware that in May 2021, Google will be rolling out their latest Page Experience update. This will be one of their biggest algorithm updates this year and could have a massive impact on your rankings. It's essential to ensure that your website is ready for the update, because if you don't, your business could be affected.

Watch Adido's experts Tom Crewe (Head of SEO), Mark Willis (Head of Development) and Andy Headington (CEO) explain why you need to be ready and what you need to do to be prepared.

During this webinar, we also release some results from our very own extensive research into how well the top 500 UK ecommerce websites will fare once the update occurs (if they didn't change anything about their sites). Find out who's ready and who's not, and discover some extra snippets of ecommerce gold!

This live event has now ended, but if you missed it, you can submit your details to watch the webinar on-demand.

More about... Tom Crewe

Tom lives in the SERPs. If he's not plotting a new way to improve client's rankings, he's working hard to improve Organic CTR (and all the other acronyms). From content campaigns to technical SEO audits, Tom is forever battling the algorithms and fighting off his client's competitors.

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...Mark Willis

Mark has over a decade's experience within the industry, seven of which with Adido. Starting as a junior developer and working up to Head of Development, he has worked on sites ranging from small brochure sites to industry dominating platforms. Working from the theoretical stages of a build to launch, Mark has developed innovative solutions to technical problems for many clients.

...and Andy Headington

Andy is Adido's CEO, and is a keen speaker on digital marketing. Whether he's educating the marketing community on digital marketing techniques within SEO, PPC or social, or offering his point of view on digital, he is an avid thinker and educator.

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