If you need a killer app that enhances your customer experience, increases your revenue and has a competitive edge, you’re going to need to find the right mobile app development company who can deliver the results you want.

In this article we’ll highlight some things to look out for and the questions you'll want to ask the mobile app developers you’re interested in so that you can make the right choice and form a strong partnership.

1. Take a look at case studies

Firstly, look through each agency’s website and try to find some relevant case studies so you can see how they built apps for previous clients and the success they had with them. If the agency already has experience with developing apps for clients on the same platform you’re interested in (i.e. developing apps designed for IOS or Android) and who are within the same industry as you, this is ideal. If you can’t spot an app they’ve created which is similar to the one you have in mind, don’t panic; as long as an agency can demonstrate that they’re capable of stepping up to a challenge, you should be able to trust them to take on your project.

It can be a good idea to ask an agency to take you through some of their case studies so that they can explain the process behind the project and inform you of any challenges they experienced as well as the success they’ve seen following the build.

If an app development company can’t show you any previous projects they’ve worked on, this is a red flag; they could be all talk, no action.

2. Check out their reviews

Reading through client testimonials is a great way to gauge the competency of the app developers and whether they can build apps that meet the client’s brief and get results.

Approach agencies that don’t display customer testimonials, reviews or ratings with caution as this is shady business. Client feedback is important for you to feel that you can trust and have confidence in an agency. You could even go a step further and ask whether it’s possible to get the contact details of a previous client to confirm how the project was handled and whether they’re happy with the developers’ efforts.

3. Consider your budget

Costs are going to play a big part in your decision making as you need to find a mobile app development company who can provide services within your budget. Certain factors may affect an agency’s pricing, including:

  • The time that they’d need to work on the project
  • Location of the agency (for example, London-based app developers may charge more)
  • Whether they’re a freelancer or an agency
  • The complexity of the project and how well equipped they are to complete the work.

The important thing is for the agency to explain the reasons behind the quotes they give you as you don’t want to be overcharged. That said, the cheapest option won’t necessarily be the best one because if the app developers you choose can’t deliver, or something goes wrong with the app post-build, it can be much more expensive to fix. Therefore, finding app developers who understand what your business’s needs are before getting to work on building an app will give you the best chance of success.

Each app development company should provide you with a quote with structured pricing which you can then compare with other app developers and their offerings.

Alongside enquiring about the costs of completing the app, ask the developers if they can give you estimated costs for post-launch consultancy services for app management. This is important because you’ll want to ensure that your app continues to perform well and help you to reach your goals.

4. Consider your business’s needs

Expect a reliable app development company to question your motives and why you want to create an app for your business. If an app developer agrees to build you an app for the sake of having one, this is a red flag and they probably just care about the £££!

Ask yourself what it is that you want your app to do for you, is it to increase customer engagement? Increase brand awareness? Or perhaps you want to offer a more personalised customer experience. Whatever your reasons for wanting to develop an app are, make sure that you communicate this to your app developers and ask for their advice.

Ultimately, you want your mobile app to give you a positive return on your investment, therefore, the app should be crafted in such a way that you can reach your goals, meet your customers’ needs and get them to successfully convert.

5. Understand their app development process

You want to be familiar with how the app developers will approach building your app and how they will work with you. You can expect the developers to want to create a strategy and to weigh up the potential value of your app before any work begins.

Many app development companies will take both an agile and waterfall approach. A waterfall approach involves creating a plan and following it closely, whereas an agile approach is open to changes being made and is flexible (for example, the approach may be revised following changes in users’ demands).

6. Think about the relationship you would have with the company

Having a strong partnership with the app development team will allow you to collaborate and ensure that the project runs smoothly; good communication is key. When discussing your project with app developers, ask them how they will communicate with you (i.e. how often will they provide you with updates? Who will you be in contact with? etc.)

Moreover, you want to find out what your relationship will look like after your app has launched and whether you can maintain a long-term partnership with the company (although, you may decide to manage and maintain the app with an in-house team).

From experience, we know that teamwork makes the dream work and having a close relationship with our clients allows us to really understand what your goals are and how we can tailor the app to meet your needs.

7. Consider your project timeline

Typically, it can take around three to nine months to build a mobile app but this will depend on the complexity of its features and the scale of the project. Let the app developers know the project deadline and discuss whether this will be realistic and if they have the capacity to complete the project in time (for example, smaller app development teams may need slightly longer depending on their availability).

8. Look at how much experience they have

It’s essential to find a mobile app development company which has extensive experience with the latest trends and technologies. Ideally, you want a team of developers who have proven strong UX, UI, and design skills (demonstrated through case studies).

You can also get a better understanding of their level of expertise by reading through some of their blogs and what their opinions are in relation to mobile app development.

9. Ask the team about their app testing methods

There are a number of ways in which developers can test the apps, depending on the stage it’s at during project development. Apps should be tested from the initial stage of development (creating wireframes) through to prototypes and during development. The most important thing for the developers to test is the functionality of the app and that its features are in line with the brief. Testing (especially user testing) is absolutely essential in terms of discovering any issues so that they can be fixed before the app launches.

You could also ask to have access to previous apps that the developers used for testing purposes to try it out for yourself.

10. Will they offer post-launch maintenance and support?

There will be app developers out there who are only interested in providing you with the bare minimum; packing their bags once the app has been made. You should search for a company who will be able to support you post-launch and ensure that your app continues to perform well as maintenance may be required to fix any bugs or to better accommodate users’ needs. Essentially, you want to know that the app developers genuinely care about your business and have your best interests at heart.

Final takeaways

Finding the right mobile app development company to partner with can be challenging, but the above pointers should help you to determine the best fit in terms of meeting your needs. Make sure that you check each company’s transparency policy, the process they will follow, whether they have case studies to support their proposals and the type of relationship they will have with you. Having a strong partnership with excellent communication is what will give your mobile app the best chance of success.

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