Are you looking to make new social media buddies in an ever-thriving online community & keep up to date with all the bits and bobs of the intense world that is online marketing? Well then, step one is to get on Twitter and follow these 15 PPC experts. Actually, that’s step two. Step one is to read my blog on them!

  1. Brad Geddes @bgtheory

Brad Geddes is an internet marketing consultant & the first advanced AdWords Seminar Leader that Google picked to conduct seminars for top businesses. Brad’s been involved in online marketing since 1998, providing a variety of consulting services including; usability, conversion optimisation, product development, product positioning & agency consulting. Author of Advanced Google AdWords.

Brad Geddes on Twitter PPC Professionals

  1. Melissa Mackey @Mel66

Melissa Mackey is a search engine marketing professional who specialises in PPC & has been doing PPC since the dawn of AdWords in 2002. She’s currently a search supervisor at the largest independent B2B agency in the world.

Melissa Mackey Twitter PPC Professionals

  1. Kirk Williams @PPCKirk

Kirk is a writer and speaker focusing on PPC & Shopping Ads. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009 & has been named ‘One of the Top 25 Most Influential PPCers in the World’ by PPC Hero 3 Years in a row.

Kirk Williams Twitter PPC Expert
  1. Ginny Marvin @GinnyMarvin

Ginny Marvin is the Editor in Chief at Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today. She writes about digital advertising and measurement including Paid Search, Paid Social, Display & Mobile with a focus on Google, Microsoft & Amazon.

Ginny Marvin Twitter PPC Professional

  1. Luke Alley @LukeAlley

Luke Alley focuses on client acquisition, client retention, PPC management, process development, hiring & training as well as speaking & blogging in the PPC community.

Luke Alley Twitter PPC Marketing

  1. Julie F Bacchini @NeptuneMoon

Julie is one of PPC Heros’ Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts, helping digital marketing professionals and business owners understand the impact of the latest search marketing news and changes. She specialises in Search Engine Marketing, PPC Campaign Strategy and Management, Facebook Advertising, Website Analytics and Consulting, SEO, Competitive Intelligence, Web Design & Development.

Julie Bacchini Twitter PPC Marketer
  1. Aaron Levy @bigalittlea

Aaron grows businesses via PPC. He’s been working in digital marketing since his college days having spent time working in almost every online channel from media buying and email campaigns to affiliate and beyond. Running teams of 20+ and providing online marketing strategies for businesses of all types.

Aaron Levy PPC Twiiter

  1. Michelle Morgan @michellemsem

Michelle is a Paid Search Specialist with experience in Search, Display, Remarketing & Social Campaigns as well as Conversion Rate Optimization and Analytics, she has worked both in-house and in agency roles & is a certified professional in both Google Ads & Bing Ads. She does her crosswords in pen.

Michelle Morgan PPC Twitter

9. Perry Marshall @PerryMarshall

Through leveraging 80/20 Perry shares his expertise on sales growth, he is a best selling author on Google and Facebook ads. As an online marketing consultant, he helps companies generate sales leads, web traffic and maximise advertising results.

Perry Marshall Twitter PPC

10. Ed Leake @EdLeake

Ed helps clients grow their businesses from little to large with the use of PPC and Analytics, with a lot of Conversion Optimisation. Google Ads, Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics & Remarketing.

Ed Leake PPC Twitter

11. Larry Kim @larrykim

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey the World’s Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform. He is also the founder of WordStream. His key interests include AdWords, Facebook Ads, Entrepreneurship and Startups.

Larry Kim

12. Matthew Umbro @Matt_Umbro

Matthew has been in the PPC industry since 2007 working with clients to attain better ROIs, improved lead generation and increased brand awareness. He hosts PPCChat a weekly Twitter chat where industry specialists discuss various PPC topics. His specialities include Paid Search Management, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising & LinkedIn Advertising.

Matthew Umbro

13. Frederick Vallaeys @siliconvallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing. One of Google’s first 500 employees, Fred helped pioneer PPC marketing as the company’s first AdWords Evangelist.

Frederick Vallaeys

14. Jon Myers @JonDMyers

Jon has been working in Digital Marketing since 1997. Jon has won a series of awards including Best PPC Management Software, Best Use of Search and Best Use of PPC Innovation.

Jon Myers

15. John Gagnon @jmgagnon

John Gagnon spends time growing people and search marketing. He helps people and businesses realise their potential to grow by making smart decisions. His specialities include Public Speaking, SEM, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads & Bing Ads, Market Research & Site Analytics.

John Gagnon

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