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mydlink Home

Driving awareness of mydlink Home’s product family by growing the social audience and improving the level of engagement with the brand.

The Project

The Challenge


The smart home automation market is still in its infancy, so whilst D-Link’s core business objective was to sell more mydlink Home smart home products, it was (and still is) a marketplace where there are not enough people who:

  • Are aware of smart home products to rely solely on sales orientated advertising
  • Know how useful smart home products are (or at least can be)
  • Are ready to buy them – it’s still very much an early adopter market.

We therefore knew that the marketing activity needed to put the product in people’s hands; improve brand and product awareness; and demonstrate how useful the products are (and how to use them), which in turn would help sales efforts.


As part of a multi-touch point strategy, a social media presence was proposed as the central hub for seeding out content; connecting with a target audience of gadget lovers, time savers and affluent parents; and inspiring product usage.

Whilst social networks and content marketing do not drive sales directly, they do influence shoppers by helping them discover new products to buy, and can coax people down the purchase funnel. With relatively low brand awareness and understanding of smart home products, a social presence provided a perfect platform to address both.

Target consumers were made aware of mydlink Home’s presence in the marketplace through a mix of ad formats on and off the social platform. Traffic was directed to the Facebook account (facebook.com/mydlink HomeUK) where content ranging from news, product reviews, competitions and images kept them engaged.

More product reviews were also published online as a result of a blogger recruitment campaign administered by Adido. We successfully approached gadget bloggers and sent out D-Link products for review. These published reviews were supported in social media.


Social ads, online banners and YouTube videos were selected as the ad formats to increase awareness of mydlink Home's presence on Facebook. There were multiple ad creations which were optimised over-time to the best performing messages and sizes.

The monthly organic social activity was centred on a few topical and relevant themes which allowed for effective planning, implementation and engagement with the target audience. These included: #throwbackthursday, #technottoforget, product spotlights, reviews and smart home news stories.

Two Facebook hosted competitions were held during the year which were designed to encourage a considered involvement from entrants, and thus provide more valuable information to D-Link on product usage, and audience appetite for innovation. The prizes involved D-Link product giveaways.

To harvest any interest created as a result of this brand buzz, paid search and social ads also captured product demand and directed customers to suitable outlets for purchase.


6 million

Ad Impressions Served


Facebook Likes Achieved


People Reached by Social Activity


Online Product Reviews Published

Southampton Airport

Our challenge was to make Southampton Airport Parking's search activity as profitable as possible, and also build awareness of Southampton Airport's flight routes and package option deals.

How we did it

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  2. mydlink Home
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