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Increase M&S for Business brand awareness and service through digital in order to grow revenue and establish the brand as a market leader in the B2B industry.

The Project

The Challenge


M&S for business is purpose-built for corporate customers. As well as having many years’ high street retail experience and being part of one of the UK’s best loved brands, M&S also provide a range of other benefits that make great sense to businesses.

Your M&S for business accommodates all budgets, large or small through offering vouchers, wine and hampers products with great discounts available instantly online. Their range works to help businesses attract new customers; retain existing clients as well as fostering loyalty amongst employees.

Our challenge was to deliver greater visibility in the search market  for relevant and critical phrases to increase both enquiries and sales online while also establishing M&S for Business as a market leading B2B specialist offering innovative ways to offer improved business solutions whether attracting new customers or motivating staff.


The strategy looked to offer a unified approach through digital marketing to expand the M&S for Business portfolio.  This meant communicating with the audience where they were spending time online.

In order to achieve this it was important that insight was carried out Adido started by looking at insight into the audience to ascertain:

  • Who they were? Where they lived? And, How they described themselves?
  • Likes & Interests
  • Their motivations and digital capabilities
  • How M&S for Business could help them achieve their goals?
  • What tone of voice should be used when they were communicated with

By understanding who the audience were it meant that messaging could be more tailored and targeted and time could be spent in order to deliver tactical marketing activities in areas that would make a difference.


The solution focused on four core areas:

  • Technical improvements made to the M&S site – these checks ensured there were no elements that negatively impacted search engine performance of the website.
  • Core – creating best on web service/product pages highly optimised for search engines.
  • Fresh content – Effective keyword strategy tied into promotion activity to support ranking on core terms and deliver highly relevant traffic.
  • Campaigns – Audience focused high value content to deliver maximum impact
  • Social – Content supported via social media (LinkedIn) to display brand expertise and demonstrate market leadership.
  • Paid – Support all activity via paid activity to target active seekers of the M&S for Business products.

On top of bespoke articles being created for target industry publications and blogs being created on site to encourage more visibility a number of highly targeted insights pieces were created in order to achieve maximum impact during a set time.

These insights pieces were then promoted to their targeted audience in order to seek high quality coverage offsite and gain relevant links to increase M&S for Business domain authority. Additional assets such as infographics and PDFs were also created in order to offer additional content opportunities and shareability.



Increase in keyword visibility across the account


Linking root domains and counting


Read story on Insurance People magazine online


We were tasked with positioning Glenigan as the market leader for construction insight online and to improve engagement with new and existing customers.

How we did it

  1. Work
  2. M&S for Business
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The Attention Model

The Attention Model

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