A commercial focus for Commercial Washrooms

Commercial Washrooms are a UK specialist in the sale & quotation of commercial washroom products. Operating since 2000, the business has experience in completing washroom projects in schools, offices, and leisure centres, as well as running an ecommerce site for business customers.

Initially Commercial Washrooms needed to recover from a site migration, which saw their organic traffic immediately drop after upgrading to Magento2. Once we had diagnosed and resolved the issues causing this drop, we were keen to help the business exceed previous rankings and traffic volumes, and shifted our focus to helping them to increase their presence on their most valuable generic keywords for washroom refurbishment projects.

A core part of the business requires a team on site to install washrooms. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this meant refurbishments were unable to be completed during 2020 and 2021. During this time, Commercial Washrooms were able to shift their focus to their ecommerce offering, backed up by an agile organic approach created by Adido. There was also a big opportunity to bring more traffic to the site for COVID-19 related products, such as hand sanitiser and dispenser products, so we were quick to adapt our focus and priorities to capitalise on this demand.

10% of all organic revenue came from ‘dispenser’ & ‘sanitiser’ products between June 2020 & May 2021 an increase of 108% YoY
‘Soap dispenser’ keywords increased from an average position of 52 to position 8

Migration losses

Site migrations can be problematic, and if not planned for accordingly can result in a loss of rankings and traffic. Sadly, when this site was upgraded to Magento 2, it suffered a similar fate and the business needed to recover quickly.

Whilst recovery was paramount, Commercial Washrooms also had an appetite to push higher with their ranking ambitions, and wanted to exceed what they had before. Although they have a strong position within the industry, organic expansion was required for generic keywords, with more visibility on lucrative long tail keywords being a key objective. This would add an extra layer of rigidity to search engine performance and drive further revenue and projects.

Review, renew and be agile!

A very thorough in-depth technical audit was completed to discover the extent of any technical problems that were causing issues with SEO post the migration. A recommendations document was supplied to their web development agency which clearly identified the errors and gave advice for resolution.

In addition to this we reviewed pre & post landing page traffic to identify where pages not carried across during the migration may have actually driven significant traffic to the site. An action plan for reinstatement, recreation or a reset of expectations was provided to help recover some lost traffic.

To boost rankings higher than they'd been before, we devised a keyword strategy which aligned search terms to landing pages, and prioritised actions based on search volume and business performance. The SEO strategy led to the creation of a content hub, extensive on-page optimisation of category, product and article pages, and the creation of lots of new landing pages to gain visibility in niche areas.

Since technical SEO is a significant component to organic search performance, we also continued with routine maintenance of technical elements, and deployed another extensive tech audit aligned to the Google Page Experience update which focused on Core Web Vitals.

With the impact of Covid-19, Commercial Washrooms had to unsurprisingly switch focus and we had to be agile with the strategy. Larger refurbishment projects were unable to be completed due to restrictions, whereas smaller washroom and sanitary products became vital to everyday living. The strategy switched to optimise key product pages for items such as hand sanitisers and soap dispensers, and the rankings and sales came flooding in.

With restrictions easing during 2021, we returned our focus to optimising for larger refurbishment projects, at the same time as keeping up the strong rankings on ecommerce-related products.

A 60% increase in rankings

Since the start of the project, Commercial Washrooms have seen significant increases in average ranking, up 60%, across 678 tracked keywords (average position increasing from 65.98 to 26.19).

Position 1 rankings have been achieved for targeted keywords such as 'washroom refurbishment' 'changing room refurbishment' 'toilet refurbishment' 'commercial washroom refurbishment'

59% YoY
increase in organic sessions
47% YoY
increase in organic revenue

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