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Bournemouth Borough Council

Achieving digital channel migration for Bournemouth Borough Council, enabling users to rely on the website for answers rather than relying on council staff.

The Project

The Challenge

Like many local authorities, Bournemouth Borough Council need to serve their local community effectively and efficiently in the face of ever-reducing budgets. Reducing staff costs by migrating customer enquiries from face-to-face and telephone to online was key to achieving this objective.
The Council's existing website structure and content could not enable this transformation so Adido were engaged to create an entirely new front-end website experience.
There were several objectives that need to be considered for this project. New brand guidelines informed the fresh design approach, but the key objectives were:
• To re-structure the website to serve the user
• To change the approach of a large number of Council staff who contribute to the website to ensure that they wrote for the customer rather than from an internal perspective, avoiding difficult terminology and too much on focus on policy over practicalities.


This was always going to be far more than a simple "design & build" and Adido undertook our largest ever UX consultancy task, holding stakeholder workshops involving card-sorting exercises across a huge range of council services with the individual service units.
The site design was then informed by these results to make information findable and understandable and tasks actionable online to reduce the reliance on the public using the telephone to get information or access services. Happily, unlike some public sector projects, the website was launched on schedule.



• UX workshops with Council stakeholders to drive cultural change

• Design of an entirely new template set in line with the launch of the Council's revised branding

• Integration of the template designs with the Council's Contensis CMS

Launch Website



In Sitemorse's independent rankings of UK local authority websites, up from 84th


Year on year increase in pages per session


Year on year decrease in bounce rate


Increase in unique site searches - more are relying on the site to answer their queries




Whilst retaining cricket at its heart, the Ageas Bowl wanted their website offering to simplify and improve the user experience for those visitors who wanted information on its other facilities.

How we did it

  1. Work
  2. Bournemouth Council
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