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B2C Design Portfolio

Adido is proud to work with some amazing consumer focused companies.
We invite you to scroll through some of our attention grabbing, award winning and beautiful web projects to get a flavour of our design capabilities.

Our Approach

How we do what we do for clients like these

Adido has over a decade of experience in building websites and has learnt over that time that no two projects are ever alike and indeed why should they be, as every client has their own needs and requirements. They will often grow and evolve over the life of the project as new ideas are suggested or changes occur in your business.

Due to this, Adido approaches the process of building websites differently to a lot of other agencies and have designed a process that offers the flexibility of an agile methodology but with clear and defined milestones to ensure you have the confidence in what Adido will deliver.

The examples in our showreel have gone through the majority of this process, on occasion we have partnered with the client or other agencies to fulfil part of the project. We are very open to collaborating on projects with others as long as we all have the same end goal in mind.

Planning & UX

The best websites focus on the user’s goals as the number one priority.

If we always keep the user at the forefront of all design decisions and remember that we are in fact building an experience for them, we in turn simplify the user journey, avoid their frustration and ultimately better achieve the site’s business objectives.

It cannot be underestimated just how much value can be obtained from speaking directly to real human beings with tangible wishes and genuine frustrations. If you ask people the right questions in the right way, sometimes you can reveal hidden gems that have a dramatic effect on your business.

Our planning and UX phase can involve quantitative and qualititative research with stakeholders and/or consumers, but will always involve comprehensive specification writing and interactive wireframing.


Our creative output always has the user at the heart of our solutions ensuring that we meet all aspects of a project brief. To achieve great user-centred design we follow a simple process that involves the client at key points.

  • Client brief
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Design visualisation
  • Key page design
  • Example of design solution presented across devices


The templates used by your content management system are a vital part of the site, affecting both how you use the site and how you create new pages. We always recommend a series of templates that will be bespoke to your website requirements.

Our CMS of choice is MODX, however we appreciate that this is not always the preferred CMS of our clients. On these occasions we are happy to work with other agencies to fulfil the project - some of our examples above have been designed by us, but have (for various reasons) been built on a different CMS platform.

If you want to find out why MODX is our CMS of choice, click here.


Should you require custom development, like a back-end system, ecommerce setup or integration with 3rd party APIs or iFrames then our experienced PHP developers will suss out the requirements for you. We understand that websites should be more than just pretty shop windows, so we never under-estimate the necessity for skilled developers during this part of the project.


It is often said that as soon as a website is launched it is out of date. The digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving and it is vitally important to ensure that a site maintains its place in the marketplace and is looking to the future.

We offer a range of additional services including proactive support, conversion rate optimisation and digital marketing, to ensure that your website performance is maximised and you get the best return on your investment, now and in the future.



Renowned within the local community, Dorset Tea needed a new website to celebrate the launch of a new range of green tea and fruit & herbal infusions. The site needed to reflect Dorset Tea's mission to bring the natural life, colour and vitality of Dorset to everyday moments as well as engaging with their audience and driving sales.

How we did it

Ageas Bowl

It might be the picture-perfect home of Hampshire cricket, but the Ageas Bowl also has a lot more to offer with its conference, hotel and leisure facilities. We took the website experience beyond the boundaries and improved the user experience for both cricket & non-cricket visitors.

How we did it

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