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Ageas Bowl

Whilst retaining cricket at its heart, the Ageas Bowl wanted their website offering to simplify and improve the user experience for those visitors who wanted information on its other facilities.

The Project

The Challenge


The Ageas Bowl is the picture-perfect home of Hampshire Cricket built in 2001, located near Southampton, with a capacity of 15,000 people, but cricket is not the only type of event that the venue holds.

The business objective was to grow through promotion of other facilities that the venue has to offer. Previous iterations of the website were too focused on cricket, so our challenge was to give equal emphasis to all key areas such as the new Hilton hotel, golf course, spa, weddings, concerts and other live events that the Ageas Bowl hosts.


The new website still has cricket at its heart but simplifies the user experience and journey for visitors who may be interested in or not known of the other facilities.

Large navigation options and clear menus help communicate with different audience groups and guide the user to their desired interest, whilst cross-selling the other offerings.

As well as the audience having different interests we also had to consider the use of the website by a global consumer as the Ageas Bowl now also hosts international cricket matches and entertains visitors from around the world.

Launching for the start of the cricket season and the opening of the Hilton, the new website has helped to engage with fans and the wider community to increase interactivity with the Ageas Bowl and its diverse range of facilities.


The front end design of the website took a minimalist approach with a clean design, allowing for visual impact and ease of navigation. Strong use of imagery and colour palettes created a warm aesthetic feel which reflects the brand of the cricket club, this combined with the use of emerging design trends resulted in a website that is both relevant and engaging.

Due to the plethora of facilities, navigation and information serving is key. This objective was met by creating a journey for the consumer, with navigation available via hidden menus and clear calls to action through a pinned menu bar, as well as signposting to the four key areas of the organisation.

It was important for the website to provide engaging, current and media-rich news from the club. To deliver this objective we offered an array of traditional news articles with video interviews and audio. Comprehensive coverage of fixtures and results is delivered through integration with ‘Opta’ data, making the cricket page dynamically update with live score cards for fans to follow and also a live radio stream to listen in real time during match days.

The main image on the cricket page is context aware to display the latest in-game information and statistics, updating every time the ball is bowled so the audience can enhance their experience with the venue. Being optimised for mobile and tablet devices means that the venue’s website is always accessible to everyone everywhere, whether they have made it to the match or not.

Launch Website



Increase in website sessions


Year-on-year increase in pageviews


Increase in pages viewed per session


Reduction in bounce rate


Consumer Website of the Year Finalist
Consumer Website of the Year Finalist


Public Health Dorset, via its LiveWell Dorset service, wanted to educate the residents of Bournemouth about the lifestyle and social effects of drinking, encouraging as many people to make small changes to their drinking habits or talk about their drinking with a friend, family or health professional.

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