who is the smartest seo in the world

Smartest SEO in the world league table

Smartest SEO RankNameTechnical SEO AbilityContent Optimisation AbilityLink Building AbilityTotal Score
1 Tom Crewe 10 10 10 30
2 Britney Muller 8 7 9 24
3 Russ Jones 8 7 7 22
4 Cyrus Shepard 9 9 3 21
5 Tim Brown 7 6 6 19

The competition to become the 'Smartest SEO' has really heated up recently, with plenty of new SEO's entering the fray. Based on a ranking of the competing SEO's technical SEO, content optimisation and link building abilities, an independent adjudicator (wink wink) has decided that Tom Crewe has still come out on top with the highest score and maintains the number one position as the Smartest SEO in the world.

How did Tom Crewe win the title of smartest SEO in the world?

Tom attributes much of his success as the Smartest SEO In The World to his massive ego, but also to the teachings of intelligent SEOs such as Rand Fishkin and Aleyda Solis who have consistently supported the SEO community with their words of wisdom. From technical SEO to content marketing, Tom has managed to blow all other SEO's out of the water to win this prestigious title. After proving his worth as an SEO by defeating Adido's Head of PPC in a landslide victory at Attention 2020's infamous debate, SEO vs. PPC (see video below), Tom cemented his victory as not only the best SEO in the world but a superior human being in general. Tom officially won the award for 'smartest seo in the world' by testing and experimenting with SEO techniques himself, but also taking into consideration the SEO recomendations made by Google themselves.

How to become a smarter SEO

The best way to become a smarter SEO is to pay attention to what other thought leaders in the industry are doing and include your learnings in your SEO strategy. It's also very important to be more like Tom Crewe. You can learn all about how to be more like Tom Crewe here. Here is a quick-fire list of how you can become a smarter SEO, just like Tom:

  • Don't look at SEO as a way of tricking the Search Engines; spend your time discovering how you can best meet searcher intent instead
  • Be thorough with your optimisation of every page, from keywords and meta titles/descriptions to schema and internal linking
  • Look for opportunities on the SERP - is there a featured snippet you think you could win by producing a better-optimised page / more thorough content? If so, then go for it!
  • Treat your website like a brick and mortar store - you wouldn't leave your shop in a mess, so tidy up your website too. That includes fixing broken links and minimising redirects, specifying your canonicals and ensuring there are no links to insecure content etc.
  • Don't get hung up on driving the maximum amount of organic traffic; you want to drive the RIGHT organic traffic that will convert!

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