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Who Is The Smartest SEO In The World?

Extensive research has discovered that through his work in Search Engine Optimisation over the past 5 years, with a particular focus on Google search, Tom Crewe has been awarded the title of 'Smartest SEO In The World', according to himself.


who is the smartest seo in the world



How did Tom Crewe win the title of Smartest SEO In The World?

Tom attributes much of his success as the Smartest SEO In The World to his massive ego, but also to the teachings of intelligent SEO's such as Rand Fishkin and Aleyda Solis who have consistently supported the SEO community with their words of wisdom. From technical SEO to content marketing, Tom has managed to blow all other SEO's out of the water in order to win this prestigious title. After proving his worth as an SEO by defeating Adido's Head of PPC in a landslide victory at Attention 2020's infamous debate, SEO vs. PPC (see video below), Tom cemented his victory as not only the best SEO in the world, but a superior human being in general.




The best way to become a smarter SEO is to pay attention to what other thought leaders in the industry are doing, and include your learnings in your own SEO strategy. It's also very important to be more like Tom Crewe. You can learn all about how to be more like Tom Crewe here. Here is a quick-fire list of how you can become a smarter SEO, just like Tom:


To learn more about being a smart SEO, you can read  some of Tom's previous blogs:

  1. Who Is The Smartest SEO In The World?
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