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Website Design

We build websites that look good and perform better, for businesses who are serious about generating awareness and revenue online.


A business' website is an integral part of your customers' relationship with you, so give them an experience they deserve; in return they’ll give you results. Blending creativity, technology and marketing strategies we create bespoke designs and user experience to press the right psychological buttons so visitors will want to engage with you. Happy customers = happy business. Voila!

outstanding web design from the start

The process of great web design starts from the beginning, with detailed brainstorms to fully understand your requirements. Is your site for driving sales? Is it a place for your audience to get information from? Will your site be purely for brand awareness? This information gives us a solid platform to work from, enabling a succinct strategy, detailed briefs and interactive mock ups.

bringing brands to life

Our interactive wireframes and detailed designs bring your vision into a more tangible form. This stage between the ideation stage and production is one of the most exciting times. Branded templates show you how your site will look, allowing you to gauge the overall 'feel' of the site. Interactive wireframes built by our UX experts ensure the site works as well as it looks. Not just aesthetically pleasing, but aesthetically functional too.

An asset to be proud of

The development team takes the designs and adds functionality to them, bringing the site to life. It is at this stage where content is added or migrated to the site, topped off with extensive testing, ensuring a website that works from day one. Our sites are built with an open-source MODX platform, making your site easy to manage and add new features. We've won many awards for creating outstanding websites, which we're extremely proud of. Your website could be the next one!

After Care & Development

When the time comes to launch your site, it's good practice to know your next moves. Our hosting and proactive support packages ensure your site continues to stay at the top of your market. Our training days educate your team on the MODX platform and your site's functionality, giving you the confidence and independence to continue creating a great experience for your customers. After that, it's time to start achieving your objectives. If your goal is to get attention for your site, our digital marketing team implement strategies that do just that.


We break our projects down into sub-projects so that you can follow our progress and better understand how your website is being created.




The new website and marketing strategy has given us significant increases in our enquiries, we have a great opportunity to improve conversions and verbally, we have also had lots of fantastic comments about our website, we are absolutely delighted with the results so far!

Zoe Keech, Marketing Manager, Pineapplefish



If you're looking to hire a web design agency then it's worth considering these factors to ensure that you're making the right choice, after years of working in the industry, speaking to clients and presenting at events we believe these are some of the most fundamental themes.


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