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Tribal Success in the Social Maze


Friday 19 August 2016 | 1pm - 4pm | Adido HQ, Bournemouth

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The change in social marketing is all about saying the right thing to the right people. If you are communicating in the best possible way, keeping in mind the interests of your audience, then your content will be shown to those people over an ad with a huge budget behind it.

This workshop looks at how to cultivate an audience through tribal characteristics, connecting your brand with like-minded people to make the most of what they enjoy and therefore making the most of your social content in order to create a social ecosystem that can look after itself.


Welcome, refreshments
It’s Not All About You
Break, refreshments and networking
Where are your tribe?
Q&A followed by networking

Your trainer

Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper


Adido’s resident social maestro Jane controls the social accounts for many of the agency’s clients. An expert in modern social marketing and always the first to compose a tip-top tweet she is a pro at building content plans and keeping channels fresh, engaging and bringing clients even more attention.


These masterclasses are designed for those with an intermediate to professional knowledge of the marketing industry. If you are a business owner or marketing director or senior marketing manager looking for a framework to achieve results on your expenditure then this is the masterclass for you.

Due to high demand we can only offer one place per company, and sorry no marketing agencies allowed.



Attendance to Adido events is free to selected companies. Subscription to our events is extremely popular and often we have to turn people away. If you find that you can no longer attend, we politely request that you inform us at least 2 working days before the masterclass, so that your place may be offered to someone else. Adido provide Bytesize masterclasses as a free way to share our expertise and experience, we reserve the right to charge a £50 cancellation fee to cover costs if you do not inform us of non-attendance before the above time period. Adido reserve the right to decline registration for Bytesize events.

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PLEASE NOTE: This event has limited places and you are restricted to one per company. Adido reserves the right to decline registrations.

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The Attention Model

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