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Digital Trends that will drive your future marketing


Friday 27 May 2016 | 1pm - 4pm | Adido HQ, Bournemouth

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2015 saw huge amounts of change in the digital landscape. Facebook continued its march towards ubiquity, Google changed its brand and Amazon and others continued to pioneer and rewrite the rules of doing business.

With another year in full swing, what trends do businesses need to pay attention to and what ones are fads to ignore?

In this workshop, Andy Headington CEO at Adido,  will look at what challenges & technologies are likely to impact businesses in 2016. Delegates attending will leave with a workable plan and set of actions tailored to them to enable their businesses to flourish in this increasingly cluttered digital landscape. 


Welcome, drinks and lunch
Digital trends that will dominate 2016
Break, refreshments and networking
How to tackle your future marketing strategy
Q&A followed by networking

Your trainer

Andy Headington

Andy Headington


As CEO of Adido, Andy is a great example of the new breed of digital entrepreneurs that are driving the industry, informing business and creating opportunities. Andy's guidance and unique outlook has helped to make many big name brand better online.


These masterclasses are designed for those with an intermediate to professional knowledge of the marketing industry. If you are a business owner or marketing director or senior marketing manager looking for a framework to achieve results on your expenditure then this is the masterclass for you.

Due to high demand we can only offer one place per company, and sorry no marketing agencies allowed.



Attendance to Adido events is free to selected companies. Subscription to our events is extremely popular and often we have to turn people away. If you find that you can no longer attend, we politely request that you inform us at least 2 working days before the masterclass, so that your place may be offered to someone else. Adido provide Bytesize masterclasses as a free way to share our expertise and experience, we reserve the right to charge a £50 cancellation fee to cover costs if you do not inform us of non-attendance before the above time period. Adido reserve the right to decline registration for Bytesize events.

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