For over 25 years, Lumi has been facilitating shareholder and member meetings, legislative meetings and elections, faith-based meetings and annual congresses, as well as meetings and events more generally.

The Lumi platform and support service is the power behind many of the world’s shareholder meetings, streamlining the voting process and transforming traditional AGMs. Lumi offers solutions for AGM and AGM-like member organisations who need support with in-room, virtual and hybrid meetings.

Adido has been asked to pressure test its PPC activity to determine what budgets could and should be spent across the world, what volume of leads, and what target CPAs should be forecasted in the years to come. Thereafter we’ll be looking to evaluate ROI through to sales and truly understand PPC’s role in converting user journeys.

As a truly global player this is an exciting contract which offers the opportunity to run Google Ads activity across nearly every country across the world, albeit we’ll be sticking with English-language keywords and ad text!

We’ve already started with an account tidy up, are looking into landing page improvements and planning an account structure to accommodate it’s global status. Watch this space, and welcome to the Adido family Lumi!

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