Google Analytics 4 landed last month. It’s a big shake up for the world of analytics, and slightly daunting when you start to upgrade your Universal Analytics profile and step into a new data world for the first time.

I started my adventure with GA4 recently and found out I was venturing into the unknown. With new terminology during the set-up process, and no clear direction on how to migrate what I‘d become familiar with in UA into GA4, I needed lots of how-to and self-help guides.

To save you time hunting around for the good articles, and how to guides, I thought I’d share the ones I’ve found most useful. Thanks to all those brilliant data engineers out there who continue to translate the official guides into user-friendly, step-by-step versions.

Google Analytics 4 introductions

Google Analytics 4 set-up guides

  • General tag settings: from cross domain tracking to IP filter exclusions, this is a brief guide to get you started
  • Collection and configuration limits: You can’t have infinite options, check out the limits (this also applies to UA as well, in case you didn’t realise)
  • Deciding on your Reporting Identity data collection method and its privacy implications: Device only, or User-ID and device. Find out what’s right for you.



I’ll try and update this post as more useful articles emerge, and I continue my journey to GA4 enlightenment.

Google Analytics 4 training videos

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