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Facebook Instant Articles: What are they and why should you care?

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According to Facebook, Instant Articles make for a “faster, more beautiful reading experience” - let’s unpack this. 

Every day almost a billion people will click on Facebook to find out what is going on in the world  - how crazy is that! One billion! This makes Facebook the perfect platform to get your content seen but there are often issues with this - including super slow loading times - something Facebook is working on to resolve.

Facebook presents its solution to slow loading times in its latest feature, Instant Articles. Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) have recently been rolled out, swiftly followed by the launch of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Facebook Instant Articles 1

The Instant Articles features you will love..

 Facebook Instant Articles 2


Susan Goldberg of National Geographic Magazine and Digital sums up the experience of  FBIA - “a layering of information” - the perfect way to tell your story and connect with your audience. Sharing experiences as well as information has just become much easier.


Building Your Brand 

Becoming a primary resource for content, the instant articles are the perfect place to build your brand, focussing on good content developing a community of returning customers. It is less important to push people to your website and ever more important to feed them with niche, relevant information, allowing them to explore your brand ideas and product more organically. Facebook is a community platform after all - if you are not all about your community then perhaps you should ask yourself - What am I doing here?


“Our metric of success has always been sharing and engagement. You can’t trick someone into sharing something, you have to make really good stuff that really makes people feel something”

-  Summer Anne Burton, Editorial Director of BuzzFeed Distributed


Why is this good for your SEO? 

Driving traffic to your website is not essential if the audience is being engaged by the content that you are housing on the social platforms. Building this content offering and creating a community and loyal customer base within the social platforms will become ever more important. These social platforms will work in unison with each other and your website to build your brand profile, awareness and product offering - developing your brand footprint across the web.

Other examples  -

Facebook Instant Articles 3

Facebook's quest - STAY WITH US!

Facebook is slowly taking over, there’s no denying it (though Google is putting up a good fight). Facebook have used these extra levels - Instant Articles and Canavs ads - to give another stepping stone before you reach an external website. Facebook is delivering the content you want to see, the article, the collection, the shop, the competition and now controlling the adverts. You should never need to leave.. And why would you want to?



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