There was excitement in the air this Thursday as we ‘shut up shop’ early and headed from our office to the beach. Adido were ready and raring to take part in ‘Meetball on the Beach’, a 5-a-side soccer tournament organized by Meetdraw, where local digital and creative agencies competed for the inaugural Meetball beach soccer trophy.

With the sun shining and the light seaside breeze - it felt just like how a July day in Bournemouth should feel - and the ideal set up for an evening of beach footy!

As the tournament commenced, Adido FC got off to a slightly shaky start, unfortunately losing their first match, 3-0.

However, as they proceeded into their second game, the team gained familiarity with the grounds and really came into their stride. The second match came to a close with Adido triumphing against their competitors, Base, 3-2.

As the only mixed gender team, and with the tournament’s commenter amusingly calling out our name wrong… “Adi-adi-oh!”… It was clear to see that Adido FC had been possibly overlooked by some of its competitors.

Adido’s winning streak continued as they played their third game which concluded in a 2-1 score. This meant Adido had succeed in making the Semi-Final.

With the sun very much ablaze, our team – battered, bruised and a bit sun burnt - prepared for their toughest match yet against IADigital.

With a strong opposition the match kicked off to an exciting start, with both teams eager to make the final.

The penultimate game was neck-and-neck until Adido were unfortunately pipped to the post, as the match ended with a devastating 2-1 loss.

BUT, dreams of trophy glory were not yet over!

They’re was still the third place trophy to play for.

The final game, and the most exciting of them all, saw the Adido team giving it their absolute all! Their skill, hard work and determination in this final match resulted in a glorious 4-2 victory.

A huge congratulations to Adido FC - who played superbly, and gained themselves a well-deserved trophy!

Also a big thank you to all who came down to support!

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