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Meet The Line-up

Attention Speakers

Fred Jones, Uber


'The real story of Uber'

Fred Jones
General Manager UK Expansion, Uber

Uber is a company often cited but not often understood. Hear how the world's fastest growing company was founded, the innovations it is bringing to how people and items are transported around cities and the companies vision for the future.

Trenton Moss, Webcredible


'Driving amazing digital experiences for your customers'

Trenton Moss
CEO, Webcredible

With competitors’ websites just a few clicks away, having an amazing user experience can help you stand out from the crowd. Trenton will show you what you can do, and what some of the best do, to sort out your digital experience and increase your conversion rates (whatever conversion may mean for you).

Gareth Rogers, Southampton FC


'The Southampton Way'

Gareth Rogers
CEO, Southampton FC

An insight into the culture and values of Southampton Football 

Gareth Rogers joined Southampton Football Club in March 2011 as the Chief Financial Officer before being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in April 2014.  Prior to that Gareth spent 11 years in the accountancy world with Deloitte, Tenon and KPMG.

Gareth is married with 3 children, lives in Southampton and has a passion for culture and value led businesses that operate from top to bottom.


Heather Andrew, Neuro-Insight


'Brain response in the digital world'

Heather Andrew
CEO, Neuro-Insight UK

In this slot we’ll look at some of the latest learnings about how our brains work.  We’ll talk about the inter-related roles of attention, emotion and memory, and how all three are essential for great communication, focussing on the implications for digital communicators.

Heather Andrew is CEO of Neuro-Insight UK.  With a background in marketing, Heather has worked at director level in both brand and media organisations.  At Neuro-Insight, Heather manages projects for clients across many industries, looking at brain response to brand communication, with a view to maximizing  its effectiveness within and across different media.

Dave Shepherd, Barclays


'Engaging employees to drive customer-centricity into the DNA of the organization'

Dave Shepherd
Director Frontline Help, Barclays Digital Eagles

Energetic in his delivery and passionate in his subject matter Dave will give you the insight on the Barclays Digital Eagles, how it began and why it became the biggest people movement the Bank has ever seen.

Find out about how an inside-out approach to customer centricity can help to engage the workforce to deliver a digital revolution. 

Richard Shotten


'How can brands adjust to declining consumer attention spans?'

Richard Shotton
Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia

The rise of digital distractions means that attention spans are declining. However, brands have yet to adjust sufficiently. This talk will address the best tactics brands can use to thrive in the new environment.

ZenithOptimedia recently won Mediatel’s award for the best media agency research team of the year. Before moving into Insight Richard was a media planner for 15 years and worked on brands such as Coca-Cola, comparethemarket.com and 118 118. Richard is particularly interested in how insights from behavioural economics and social psychology can be applied to advertising.

Chris Cherrett, Adido


'The title of this talk is being A/B tested'

Chris Cherrett
UX Architect, Adido

There is a myth that usability testing and optimisation is a luxury that requires an expensively equipped lab.

This talk will explore innovative ways in which we can measure the performance of websites using inexpensive bursts of remote and unmoderated testing, finding the best ways to explore behaviour and develop better online experiences.

Andy Headington. Adido


'Marketing in the attention age'

Andy Headington
CEO, Adido

While the world has changed, marketing hasn’t. With more content, channels and ubiquity than ever before marketers & brands need to think differently. Impressions, visits and click through rates are all bare metrics. For businesses to succeed they need to get, keep and retain someones attention.

Possessing a vast knowledge of all areas of digital marketing Andy’s a regular blogger, contributor & presenter on all areas of digital.

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