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Adido Presents

Now, Next & Never Never of Digital Marketing

Due to large numbers of requests from our guests for the date to be moved to Autumn, we have decided to postpone this event.

Please stay tuned for the new event date! For direct enquires, please email susannah.benik@adi.do

Cruise to a New Network

Adido invites you to join us for an exclusive event in Southampton aboard the Princess Caroline looking at the Now, Next and Never Never of Digital Marketing. 

We don’t need to tell you that the landscape of marketing has changed phenomenally in the last decade. You know that. You also know that we live in a mobile world now and as humans we’ve become addicted to our mobile devices, spending more and more time on them every day. Yet for all this change, there are still a lot of unknowns. 

How do you best get the attention of your audience?

How do you create value for you and them?

How do you convince your management team to invest when they don’t understand the new waters to navigate?



We’ve gathered some of the best marketing minds to give their insight into the marketing landscape  to help you shape your own ideas for the rest of this year and beyond. You will also get to network with your peers as we sail around Southampton's coastline, leaving inspired for what lies ahead.


Meet the Speakers

Laura Trujillo
Marketing Director, Hotels.com

Laura will be talking about her experiences working at one of the largest online travel websites in the world and the issues that she has faced and overcome in recent times.


David Smith
Chief Executive of Global Futures and Foresight

David has spent the last ten years helping brands to take a longer look world trends, technology and how this will affect business. He is a Board member of The Marketing Directors Network and understands the challenges that marketing directors face now as well as helping them succeed in the long term.


Giles Cross
Financial Services Marketeer

With decades of experience, previous marketing director at Sanlam UK Giles will be taking a look at the next few years of marketing – where are we heading, what’s important to focus on for the medium term and where will audiences be in the coming years

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  1. Now, Next and Never Never of Digital Marketing
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