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Maddie Crawford

Paid Search Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Events: Digital Gaggle Take 2

So in April, I made my way up to Bristol to attend my first Digital Gaggle event, needless to say, it was fantastic so I clawed myself another ticket to attend a second time this September.

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Truncated Google Ads: Everything you need to know.

You’ve probably heard a great deal about ad truncation floating about at the moment, but what does it mean? I'll take you through everything you need to know in this blog.

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The Ever-Growing Importance of Search Query Reports

Search query reports are gaining prominence and if you're a PPC marketer you need to know why. Check out this blog and I'll tell you all about it, including breaking news on how Google is changing match types.

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The Attention Model

The Attention Model

Discover Attention: what is it and why you need it to succeed in the digital realm. Turn brand strangers into loyal brand followers and get your brand the focus it requires within a world of marketing noise.

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